Coming Projects of MCC

MCC is currently fundraising and searching for an ideal location for an eye hospital. Please donate generously for this is a much needed and expensive project.

MCC office launched in Lahore, Pakistan.

Though MCC has carried out numerous charitable projects in Pakistan, it has recently established a permanent and head office in Lahore, Pakistan . All the projects in Pakistan will be handled more closely with much more efficiency as a result of this newly launched headquarters.

“They can deliver bombs but they cannot deliver aid”.

Aki Nawaz reports from Pakistan (Part 2).

“As we traveled towards Noshera again, I reflected what I had seen on the previous visit to villages around Ahmanabad a few days before, it was about the worst the floods could get really, what else could water destroy?
The villages had been totally flattened, and as we gave money out “cash in hand” once again we heard the same predictable anger, “No Govt help, no money: nothing”.
We had driven to some camps and it was really complete sadness to see people reduced to this kind of life. We talk about poverty but seeing poverty, that is the real test. The poor always pay a heavy price, they never had anything in the first place, but they pay with their souls when these disasters come.
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Aki Nawaz reports from his life-saving mission to Pakistan

aki nawazLast month, Aki Nawaz (better known as the British musician, singer and songwriter with the band Fun-Da-Mental, and founder of Nation Records) advertised on Facebook for cash donations to take directly to some of the people suffering in Pakistan as a result of the recent floods. Many people, white, black, Pakistani, English, Muslim, Christian, and Atheist donated hard cash. Aki loaded his suitcase with notes, and took off… here is his report, written especially for Muslim Community Care:
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