If you’re reading this you are probably thinking about dedicating some of your time to supporting MCC, and we’re extremely grateful. The valuable work that MCC volunteers carry out around the world wouldn’t be possible without help from people like you.

Why Fundraise?
Fundraising is fundamental to the work of MCC. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to continue sending volunteers to work in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries. The money you raise goes directly towards recruiting, training and sending volunteers to countries where they can share their skills and help to change people’s lives.
This section of the site is devoted to advice, suggestions, information, and more or less everything we feel you need to know and consider when embarking on a fundraising campaign. Have a read and if you still have questions or concerns about your campaign, event or anything to do with fundraising, contact MCC.

Helpful Tips
Make your events and activities safe. Fundraising should be fun, but there are a few legal guidelines every fundraiser must follow when approaching people for money. If you are in any doubt, contact us.

Public collections: Street collections in a public place require a permit from your Local Authority. All collectors must be over 16, wear an identification badge and carry a certificate from MCC. You need to state clearly who and what you are collecting for and use official MCC collecting tins with security stickers. Check who owns the site, as you only need a collection permit for a public place.
Private collections: If collecting on private property, such as in a mosque, church hall or the forecourt of a supermarket, always seek permission from the site owner.

AIways state the price of the tickets. No discounts are allowed on tickets. Tickets can only be sold on the night of your event. (If tickets were sold in advance it would be a public lottery and subject to further regulations. We recommend against organising a lottery for your fundraising as it must be registered with the local regulatory authorities and strict guidelines must be adhered to.) State what prizes are on offer and when/what time the raffle will be drawn.

Public Entertainment Licenses
You will need a public entertainment license if two or more people are performing an entertainment concert. Public buildings such as a community centre will probably already have a license and you will have to comply with the terms they have previously agreed.

Paying in your money
BY POST – collect all your donations and send us the total amount in a single payment. Make your cheque payable to MCC and send it with any forms to: MCC, 8 Catherine Gardens, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 2PR, UK. Please do not send cash.
BY PHONE – you can call us on 0208 568 0153 and pay over the phone using MasterCard, VISA or Maestro.

How to pay money to MCC from outside the UK.
If you are an outgoing volunteer or wish to pay money from outside the UK, please contact an authorized person at the following number: 0208 568 0153.