At the heart of our approach is an increased effort, whether by MCC or others, to achieve sustainable change by addressing causes as well as symptoms of development needs, especially in those areas which provide a base for fighting poverty. The following list of goals are of especial importance, although the list is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time.

  • To provide a basic education to children who have no access to schools.
  • To provide professional and vocational education and training to women whose circumstances prevent them from being an effective family member.
  • To provide basic health facilities, including medicine and diagnosis infrastructure, to the poor and deprived of less developed countries.
  • To provide food and shelter to the elderly who have no support from their family, community, or government.
  • To respond quickly to help people affected by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and displaced by wars.
  • To provide poor people with an opportunity to stand on their own feet, by giving them financial aid and/or training and consultation.
  • To help prevent the poor from institutional or individual victimization by giving legal assistance.
  • To work with local administration and government bodies towards improvements in situations, standards, and policies that will positively impact on the lives of deprived people and communities.
  • To have liaison and effective planning and implementation of different programmes with multi-cultural communities which will help them to live together in a peaceful and decent way, and to develop inter-community affection and love.

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