Swat Valley update

Recently, the Pakistani government opened up the Swat valley and neighbouring districts.
This meant around two million displaced people had hope of life getting back to normal.

However, it is not simply a matter of returning to their homes: many people are finding their businesses and homes ruined, by damage or looting. While the world’s eyes may have moved on, we must not forget that these people still urgently need our help.

Of the two million people who fled Pakistans Swat Valley in late April, only about a third have currently returned. More than a million of the refugees who have not returned home remain in the region of Mardan, overwhelming services there.
Aid workers from the humanitarian group Concern Worldwide recently visited the affected area and documented the very difficult conditions there.
Dominic MacSorley, the operating manager of Concern Worldwide U.S., joins Martin Savidge to discuss the state of affairs in Mardan and the surrounding areas.

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